Scenic Imagination


The rural Oklahoma country road with its one-lane bridges twisted and turned through plains and  forested hillsides until the view opened up to a meadow filled with yellow wildflowers, a large pond, and a horizon whose sky was partially hidden by surrounding mountains. This was a nice change from the north Texas landscape with its Red River Valley that I have grown accustomed to.

From Wilburton, I drove north and stopped for a short, steep hike to Robber’s Cave. It wasn't the cave that impressed me as much as the view from the cave looking out across the Sans Bois Mountains. I've been looking for inspiration for my sequel to Misunderstood and sometimes research includes going to places similar to what I want to write about.

There are some places I cannot visit that are simply too fictionalized in my writing. But if I am writing about a small cave or large cavern, or trying to imagine what an area around it might have been like prior to commercial tourism, it's always nice to visit an area similar in nature; be it an entrance into Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, or some small hideout on a forested mountainside in Oklahoma.

This week's temperatures couldn't have been much more perfect for the trip. Thankfully, the rain didn't last all week. I am glad to be home as I look up at the moon through the oaks even as I recall the fresh smell of the pine trees. With a little more inspiration and another scene brewing in my head for the sequel, I'm getting another idea closer to another chapter of a new manuscript.