There are several books that I recall being fascinated by in my early childhood. However, none were as fascinating nor read to me as often as the Dr. Seuss books.

As I was enjoying a walk around one of the now full ponds on the ranch, I came across this plant with a purple thistle extending above the grass. As I was taking the filtered image above I kept thinking of Horton Hears A Who! Although I have been accused of having big ears in the past, my ears on this day did not hear a Who while taking this picture…but my memory did.

The most memorable stories seem to be those that speak with clarity on subjects repeated by generations. The most memorable stories to me as a child were the ones that were intentionally transformed from adult realities into cartoonish-like lessons that seemed entertainingly “re-imagined” for children, yet offered a sense of wisdom to everyone. As I go back and re-read books from my childhood, I am amazed at the wisdom they contained and I am thankful to the authors who took the time to write them.

We all have stories to tell no matter how big or small, lessons we have learned that need to be passed on to future generations. Maybe they will listen and not repeat past mistakes, perhaps they will live through the same things we have and find a new point of view. In any case a story has a way of comforting us at the best of times and the worst of times. Sometimes all we need to feel better is to be reminded we aren’t completely alone in our experiences.