Art Meets Life


There are some weeks when words seem to flow like a river for this blog, and others when there is nothing but the slightest trickle of water moving down what is an otherwise dry creek bed. Thoughts can be crystal clear or down right muddy at varying times, kind of like the way a scenic view can be clear for miles or obscured by undergrowth.

This week I sat in a favorite location of mine thinking about the changes that have occurred to the view from there over the years. I once could see the tree line along the creek a half a mile away, the creek that either rages with rapids or bears a mere trickle of water. But the view from this favorite location of mine has become obscured by overgrown tree limbs and brush; limbs and brush that in my younger days I kept trimmed as much out of a perceived necessity as obligation to inspire imagination.

If I have learned anything from observing life over the years, it is this simple fact: An unkept house will always be consumed by nature.