Lost And Found


I find myself today (not that I lose myself that often but I have to admit it does occasionally happen) listening to the J. Geils Band, cleaning the cabin, and trying to decide how I feel about the baseline brain as opposed to the concept of the Super Brain (conditioned response as opposed to changing the genes responsible for how the brain is sculpted by being aware of choice). I’ve also been thinking about stored memories and wondering when science will publish the finding of data within our brain. To date I have only seen the process of a memory being formed, not what is contained within the file itself. A large part of what we know about ourselves still seems to be missing, at least in the public behind-the-curve sphere of knowledge. But then, life would lose a great bit of purpose if we knew everything.

Technology continues to amaze me. Among other reads, I’ve been working my way through Willie Nelson’s, It’s A Long Story. As he recalls songs he’s written, performances and artists who have sung them through words in an eBook, I find I can pull up many performances on Youtube, placing the context of a look or a moment in time along with the words written. I can purchase those songs via another service in an instant if I choose, or in most cases download other books referenced by the author. As I read further along, my mind makes the jump as to whether or not the open society we now live within will ultimately prove to be a good thing or not.

I imagine a day when an artist raised from day one in the world of social networks will have their entire lives laid bare as someone reads a biography or autobiography about them and searches through a past written across old Facebook pages, Youtube videos, or Tweets that have been cataloged and archived. Does the open society that we are experiencing today form a measure of control, or expose a weakness? Are we better off with the past ability to reinvent our lives or with being judged by a publicly recorded world that can be much less forgiving and a bit behind the curve? Can a person change or will we all walk around with scarlet letters?

Alas, I have lost myself. As I mentioned it occasionally happens. Time to return to listening to the music, sweeping the dirt from the floor; back to pondering about awareness. I think I just found myself…again.