More Than The Rain


Clouds appeared dark as they drifted overhead earlier Friday morning. A security light in the distance remained on until its light sensor saw the sun.

Old Frosty dog seems to enjoy the sunrise. Each morning walk brings new smells to sniff and every now and then another critter to chase. This time of year a passing cold front can energize him to re-live a youthful past; sometimes a swim in the pond or a squirrel can stir the same reaction. He is getting old now, but still has a number of runs around the ranch left in he reminds me quite often.

I notice some of the sumac leaves have started turning red, and a number of butterflies have been passing through over the last week. The Texas sage is in full bloom and crows have started to gather as the pecans grow on the pecan trees. A late morning/early afternoon rain shower was greatly appreciated on this day. It has been the first cool day in quite some time with temps remaining in the 70s.

A bird flies toward me, not far above the ground, dipping down, flapping its wings back up, surfing waves of air I can breathe but cannot see. Other birds sing a song of rain come and gone as I sit outside writing. I sing a song, too, a song about the changes coming as summer starts to wind down. Time to restock the wood pile, I sing within my mind, time to mow down the outer boundaries of dead grass around the yard, time to start preparing for the coming of fall and winter.

Now that I think about it, perhaps the birds are singing about more than the rain.