Progress & Another Hot Day


Southern winds blow as the sun climbs again into the sky. Temperatures for the last week hovered just above 100 degrees with high humidity; they will continue to be this way for the next week, with little to no rain. Every now and then my Arcosanti bell rings, thanks to the winds, reminding me of a past trip to Arizona and making me wonder about the current status of arcology.  (For more information on this fascinating subject, check out

A hundred degrees in the desert is much different than a hundred degrees in North Texas. The former can feel hot; the latter can feel sweltering. I used to think only dogs panted until a few years ago when I saw the birds with their beaks open in the heat. In any case, this is a time of the year to be thankful for air conditioning.

I am finding that what essentially began as a partial rewrite for The Journey of Samson Pyne has become a full rewrite. It is more difficult than I thought to assemble a partial story cut from a book into its own separate book without having to add new elements. The good news is that the new elements to the story should play well into setting up the sequel to Misunderstood.

Samson Pyne is a complicated character. He is a strong-willed man within the novel, Misunderstood, but, in The Journey of Samson Pyne he has lost everything, including his confidence and will power to change. He is still driven to regain what he has lost, but only by confusion, frustration, and a sense that there has to be more to life than suffering. Without giving too much away, I think what he will find is that freedom from suffering comes at a great cost and the question he faces is whether or not he is willing to pay that price!

The Journey of Samson Pyne is still on schedule to be released early in 2016.