Signs of Change


Butterflies and bumblebees stir among the last of the blooming zinnias as once again a lone buzzard soars beyond the clouds and into a blue sky. The hummingbirds and the swallows have already flown south. Squirrels have been picking the pecans early. Word must have spread through the animal grapevine that cooler weather isn’t far away.

Through the human grapevine, word has it that El Nino will make this a wet winter for some areas. I am already considering storing extra dry wood. Perhaps building a wood shed is in order. I’ve seen winter storms here that found cracks around doors that I didn’t know existed, and winds that can make the cabin’s wood structure creak in the middle of a cold dark night. Of course this is Texas, and those long and cold dark snowy nights can be just as easily followed by a warm snow and ice-melting kind of day. Still, it’s better to be dry and warm inside than frozen-pipe sorry.