Across the forested hillsides, trees cast shadows as the morning sun breaks the eastern horizon. Winds blow moderately warm air across the porch as summer tries to hang on a little longer. This time of year the leaves clinging to the trees still outnumber those falling and there isn't another house in sight. This is a view I will never forget; wherever life leads me. 

From this porch I sometimes watch as a thick fog extends through the bottom lands with the forested hilltops rising above. There is a certain beauty to the dance between temperatures and vapor in the air, like those I saw as a child visiting the Smoky Mountains or as an adult back in forests along Prince William Sound in Alaska, just on a much smaller scale.

Looking in so many different ways toward the horizon, I’ve learned there are some of us that often look too much for the good in life; perhaps even to a fault. But I’ve also learned through the years that without hope there is only desperation.

Life is as much about simply living as it is finding direction. Life is as much about temperate extremes as it is the formation of renewing condensation. Life isn’t just about competition; it is about purpose.

The sun is rising high upon the horizon, and it is time for me to go. Have a great weekend and I’ll return with another post next Friday.