Crossing Water


There is something about crossing a lake or an ocean, something about the air one breathes that can seem as deep as the body of water is wide, something about the mist and spray that reminds me of what it means to explore a story.

Pages upon pages sit upon my shelves back home. Some are bound by covers, some are bound by the series they complete. Some are as thin as a pond and yet contain more information in fewer pages than a lake-like trilogy or ocean-like series. When standing on the shore, never judge a book by its cover, nor the depth of its story by width of its pages.

Like books, there is a reality to a body of water: if you truly want to learn something, you are eventually going to have to leave the shore and if you want to understand its depth, you are going to have to get your feet wet. Inspiration doesn’t usually come to those who sit still, but it will thrive in the minds of those who choose to explore.

Cells began in such waters, membranes still house such beginnings. We exist in our present forms because of such origins. That is at least a part of the story that got us here. So the next question becomes, what story will you explore next?