Life Beyond The Material


Something is bothering me this evening after I have turned off the main light switches and let the glow of the wood stove fire fill the room with a more gentle light. I think it is the LEDs from the electronic equipment. I’ve had trouble relaxing in the past with them on…but why? I think to myself I’ll get a bit of food that was purchased from the grocery store earlier but decide instead to remain in a comfortable chair, trying to relax. Still, those LEDs, and one in particular is bothering me. Why? I look closer.

What is it I see there in the darkness? Electrons motivating a green light into existence? Circuits leading to more pathways than the towns and distant cities I’ve traveled to combined? No, there is something much deeper that I see in that light.

After hooking up a cable, almost immediately upon plugging in some two-pronged connection to an electrical outlet, this one little light comes to life verifying a link to circuitry far more vast than a single human being will ever be able to digest in their lifetime.

I continue to stare into that tiny light in the darkness from the chair. Chimes ring across a background of synthesizers as the music plays. What is it that this tiny light is trying to tell me? Is it something about an inner world, or something about the external world?

Why is it more difficult for human beings to see the inner world than the external world? Why is it more difficult for most these days to see with the imaginative mind than it is to see with our physical eyes? When we forget that food doesn’t ultimately come from the grocery store, or that electricity doesn’t come from an outlet, we also forget what makes us whole. We forget that our spirit, or perhaps better said, the spirit of our existence, isn’t just about what we acquire in our lifetimes. It is as much about what we create as it is what we choose to understand.

So that’s what has been bothering me. I don’t think I will ever complain about or look at those little LEDs the same way again.