Country Radio


The early morning hours are among my favorite of the day. Knowing that through the darkness, light will soon crest the eastern horizon brings hope and renewal to each day. Music regularly plays during these hours, as it does through most of the day. Music has been with me as long as I can remember. The hours spent listening to it may outweigh the hours put into thoughts about the world, as one has always inspired the other for me.

Sitting out in the pastures or within the forested hillsides, one can hear country music all of the time. It is a different kind of music than that which exists in large cities and it requires a trained ear and an open mind to hear.

Just before the glow of the first rays of the sunrise begin to appear, the songbirds begin. This signals the end to the songs of the night where the owls and coyotes tend to dominate during the winter months, chorused by the crickets when it is warm. Although, one cannot leave out the contributions of the Chuck-will’s-widow.

In the Spring, just as colors begin to appear on the eastern horizon, the turkeys begin to cluck and gobble. As the light becomes greater, if you are sitting next to a pond, you might hear the fish splash in the water. Woodpeckers often add their percussive noises to the mix from their perch in the trees, and the trees add to the composition as the winds blow through their limbs.

Squirrels chatter and doves often coo, as the occasional duck quacks. Sometimes a large bird, a goose or a heron, flys overhead. When the wind is still, one can hear the wings of such birds beating to an underlying rhythm that goes otherwise unnoticed. Crows gather to caw more during the fall when the pecans are ripe. The hawk's piercing cry exists when the sun is brightest nearly year round. Very rarely, one might hear the cry of a large cat in the night. Such movements within the song of the countryside can send shivers down one's spine.

Though I recognize there are songs of the cities, too, for now, my radio is tuned to the sounds of a rural country station, a station that plays the hits every day and every night, and knows just exactly what to play when I need it most.