A Normal Trend?

Crows scatter from the surface of the driveway ahead of me. The squirrels have been storing pecans for some time now. The fields have started to brown-out and most of the hickory leaves have dropped, at least from the smaller trees. However, the oak leaves are still green, though their color is beginning to fade.

It was a warm October for the most part here. November has arrived and with it more rain is in the immediate forecast. For many in this state, the air conditioners are still getting a workout, especially for those of us with tin roofs.

As the illness that seemed to hang on forever last month finally dissipates, I've returned to research and general reading. Were it not for the mosquitos and gnats that seemed to have hatched again, I might spend more time writing outside. I do miss old Frosty's companionship while spending time writing outside at various places on the ranch. I don't seem to take nearly as many pictures of the sunrise as I once did, but I do have a little more room for travel than I've had in quite some time.

As the buzzards continue to soar on thermals and the wasps swarm in the breeze on this early November day, I keep thinking, by now, this mild weather should have changed. Then again, perhaps I've simply flooded my mind with so much information over the last year that I've temporarily forgotten that even when I was young there were warm weather Halloweens. Often in life what can seem abnormal is perfectly normal when one understands the history surrounding the current experience.