November has come and gone here on the ranch. Leaves that seemed to refuse to change color have fallen at an ever-increasing rate as the average daytime temperatures finally start to turn toward the colder side -- at least on most mornings.

An extremely busy month was capped by one of the best Thanksgivings we've had in years. It included a full day of visitation, excellent food, outdoor activities, and a haunted hayride minus the hay. (Don't ask me to explain, it's just what we do.)

A new fence has opened up another pasture for the cattle and they seem rather grateful. Even with all that fresh grass to feed upon, the first round bale of hay was distributed as an impending rain storm and even colder temps are in the forecast. Fortunately the wood racks are full, the kindling chopped and ready (thanks for the help, brother) and the stovepipe cleaned and ready for the season.

I apologize for not offering my usual explanations for not making a weekly post last month. Our Thanksgivings here tend to require about six weeks prep time and my posts can often be hit or miss this time of year, at least until January. Your subscriptions do not go unnoticed and are much appreciated.