My lungs are still recovering from the smoke. The entire northeast section of the county was awash in smoke from controlled burns in Oklahoma and Texas yesterday afternoon. It is a shame that something so renewing to forests and fields alike here ends up contributing to the warming trends; if only we could reduce the contaminates of pollution to let such revitalization take place across the countryside again and still keep a natural balance without doing further harm to the air.

It has become highly important to stay informed and to maintain a state of awareness about the surroundings in rural areas on windy days, especially when there is so much tinder. Some time ago a wildfire swept through these lands. My father and mother described the scene as though one were seeing a sunrise in the night coming from the north instead of from east. Almost losing everything to fire tends to make one more nervous around it. I am certainly more nervous around high winds and storms after having experienced a tornado a few years back.

It is important to remember everyone has been though something that changed their perception about the world at some point in their lives. For this reason, it is important not to judge too quickly when witnessing extreme emotion in another human being, especially when one has no clue what another has been though in life. The world would do better to learn more compassion than be so quick to judge. After all, even controlled burns sometimes become wildfires despite the best of intentions to keep them under control.