Frosty's Last Run

After a long and rough weekend, Old Frosty made his last run. No matter how many times I've been though the loss of someone, pet or human, it doesn't seem to get any easier. Although this isn't the first dog I've been through this with, this may be the most difficult, as Frosty has been with me since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He's seen every manic and depressive state, every high and every low, and regardless of how bad times got, he was as forgiving as any human being I've known.

When I look at the pictures I keep thinking about all the morning walks that just won't be the same without him. I think about the time he chased off a couple of stalking coyotes, and all the times he sat patiently watching out for me as I wrote at various places on the ranch. He was as independent an animal as I ever knew, but he never failed to protect those he cared about, and he cared about a great many of us.

If it were not for Frosty, I might have never taken the leap to finish a book. His book, Frosty’s Run, was the first one I completed. Written for the many children in the family, Frosty's Run took place every morning when the first rays of the morning sun were striking out across the sky. We traveled daily across the same path, with Frosty never missing a step, running at full speed for over a mile, swimming in the ponds and rolling in the dirt afterwards. He was a dog of routine and gave me an appreciation for the morning hours that I’m not sure I fully understood until I met him. 

From that half-grown pup with no home that showed up at the cabin one day to the young adult that loved to leap way up into the air trying to catch dragonflies, there hasn't been much that he didn't get to experience in terms of life here on the farm and ranch. The happiness he brought to those who knew him far outweighed the number of skunks and other odorous smells he got into. 

He chased and herded some cattle in his time, and though he didn’t always get along with everyone (there were times that he would growl and wag his tail at the same time leaving one wondering which end of the dog to believe), deep down within I believe he had a heart as golden as his coat of fur.

I will never forget how much you helped me make it through times when I did not think I could make it any further, and I wish you all the best in your next life, Frosty dog. May the next road be even better than the one you travelled during your time with us here on Earth.