Somewhere amongst a Time article about not being ready for sea level rise, a cold, drenched ranch, radar images from storms rolling through the American East Coast, and an indoor warm wood stove fire, I have finally found a little time of my own to write another post. I really appreciate all those who sent well-wishes after losing Frosty; it was a long week.

Time really is everything and more often than not there seems to be so little of it left at the end of each day. So often we are caught up in the throes of routine that we fail to notice time slipping away from us. A vacation here or there, a weekend off, at the end of our lives it can leave one wondering where all that precious time went.

I sometimes think the mechanical existence of Order that inspired the Industrial Age still struggles to hang on in the present Information Age. From the analog world to the digital world and what will soon be the quantum world complete with virtual/augmented reality and a gene edited existence, disruptive forces have caused many to step back and think about how their time is best spent on this planet. Lately, I've been thinking that what we do now, as a nation, could provide the spark that lights the way out of darkness for future generations, or it could doom everyone to a false sense of security behind walled borders.

We are no longer in an age when traditions of nations past were used as a necessary means of building a new nation quickly. We are now entering the unknown zone, where discovery is all that is left to accomplish. If we want to fan the flame further, it is time to take a leap of faith and as a society enter a new exploratory epoch. What we discover now will build the nations of tomorrow. It is time to replace contest with conversation and conflict with cooperation. It is time to find a common ground, so that our efforts may leap into a common sky. Time is all we have, and who knows how much of it we've got left.

Follow your dreams, whether that is building bridges or working on a demolition crew that remodels a past, to build a better future. What ever you do, don't waste a single minute more worrying about how; simply do.