The Wonder Of The Times We Live Within


It is a peaceful mid-week here on the farm and ranch, even with the sound of the mechanical pump jack rising and falling between short, desperate winds. After several days of rain, the sky is blue again, the grass is green again, and the clover is keeping several critters fed. Wood chips and saw dust that defined the onset of winter are beginning to fade into the earth just as previous blog posts begin to fade into a not-so-distant past. It seems fitting sometimes that what was once new will become new again in a different form as nature works its wonder to improve us all. No matter how many winters pass, I am still amazed at how quickly the colors of Spring take hold. More amazing still are the rich colors following a rain, both on the ground and in the sky.

As clear as the sky is on this day, it seems to be a rarity.  What if the sky could be seen, on a regular basis, as it existed thousands of years before the pollution, the lights, and the distractions of the cities reduced the sky’s brilliance? The truth of the matter is that without some of those cities, there may never have arisen the machines or the minds to craft the greatest telescopes humans have known, let alone the presses or the computers to reproduce the images we get to see. Perhaps soon technology will keep those skies clear and carry us even further toward those distant planets, moons, and someday — other solar systems. The wonder of the times we live within.

Early Spring really is a wonder wrapped in color and splendor that revives and refreshes all life. For at least a month or two, all that seems old is new again. What a world it would be if we could refresh our perceptions about ourselves and each other just as often as this season of renewal comes around....minus the tornadoes, of course!