Creativity Flows


A bright moon illuminates the darkness just as an idea can illuminate perception.

It is a very windy day here and has been for several days and nights now. Crows scatter outside the windows as drums thunder from the surround system. Sometimes I miss listening to music so loud that I can feel it moving through my bones. If only my left ear would not buzz from damage done to it at an earlier age. For all its wonder, the hazards in life don't always leave visible scars. One doesn't have to stop moving forward because of such setbacks, but one might have to turn down the volume a bit from time to time.

Like old film, creative moments won’t last forever; it is better to express them when they appear. For myself, new ideas don't flow from listening to the same genre of music or from reading within the confines of the same genre of books. Creativity flows from radically diversified material.

Travel can be a great source for inspiration as well. By not sticking to the Interstates, the world can seem much more diverse. Drive those blue highways and, whenever possible, take the occasional dirt road and remember to always check the fuel gauge. Ideas may seem to come out of nowhere, but I can assure you they require a full tank to bring to fruition.