Growing Again


Spring weather seems early this year, but my notes tell me Mother Nature is just about on time for most of the critters around here. I have yet to see the swallows, but the song birds, bugs, blooms on plants and north-bound geese seem right on time; as are the winds.

Winter has been mild for the most part. The wood racks are still full, and there remains plenty of wood in storage. The ladybugs are a daily mess within the window sills as they seem to struggle with whether or not to stay inside or move into the outdoors. (No, I have no idea how so many find their way indoors each year.)

The Mexican plum trees are in full bloom and the redbuds are just starting to burst forth their brilliant displays. It would be something to see more of them across the ranch in the coming years. Life is starting to show a variety of color once again, but as my mother has always said about the weather during these initial weeks before the end of winter, "Easter isn't here yet and the mesquites haven't leafed out. Until these things have happened, there could always be another cold spell, if not a snow."

I don't think I will ever tire of seeing the end of winter or the end of summer, for that matter, for with the turning of the seasons comes change and with change comes the potential for growth.