Worries And Fears


Clouds threatened to become severe storms yesterday afternoon, but these threats never really manifested directly over the ranch. The weather pattern reminded me of the worries and fears adults often suffer from: the number of things that could go wrong versus the ones that actually do. That isn’t to say warning boxes didn’t pop up on radar in other areas, only that for the time being this place on the map is secure.

Despite the heavy predation by coyotes, the turkey are still thriving in what could be a record year for sightings. I counted thirteen near the cabin a few days ago doing their turkey thing. Being Spring, they were far more interested in each other than me driving down the driveway.

All the flora and fauna have really made a rebound since the last drought. Ponds are full, and bluebirds sing songs when I wake and sleep. Sometimes I wonder about the human relationship to wildlife. I was once told an old story about the relationship between humans and the animals. It seems that long ago humans and animals alike were able to speak to one another. But when humans began hunting them for sport, that relationship ended. There are still tales out there that the relationship will change again and someday they will begin speaking to humans again.

For all the years I have observed animals here, I’ve never actually heard them speaking my language, nor do I expect them to. But there are those moments when I wonder about our relationship to them, like when several family members and I walked out of the cabin one morning and found several deer lying among the clover in the front yard like pets. There are also days when the birds seem to sing happier songs than others, but I know this could just be my attitude about the day.

I don’t know that I will always be able to live a rural life. The countryside is becoming more and more crowded every day. But I have learned the value of what it means to not take anything for granted. What is here today is just as likely to be gone tomorrow, but, perhaps, such thoughts are merely my own misplaced worries and fears.