Beauty & Spring


As I sit at my table reviewing a proof of The Journey of Samson Pyne with one eye on a 1st generation Kindle (call me nostalgic) and another on the radar, I find myself distracted by the destructive forces of storms and the beauty of the dark, deep, rich colors of Spring.

While taking a college course during a Spring semester, I met an older teacher who greeted every human being with the words, "You're beautiful.” It seemed a funny quirk at the time. But being almost 46 now, I think there was more to what he was saying than just what he was saying.

You see, every person that walked into that classroom was there to improve something within themselves. They recognized a deficiency in their knowledge and were seeking education. Deficiencies are like imperfections in that they are something we are lacking and normally seek to change.

Over the years I’ve decided that our imperfections are what make us perfect. Imperfections drive us to improve, imperfections give us purpose. I think what that teacher was saying is that seeking to improve is beauty.

True beauty comes from within and is as important to our survival as the rain that falls from Spring storms. Just remember: while appreciating the flowers and colors of Spring, always keep an eye on the radar.