Blogging The Journey - An Introduction

Image Copyright  ©  2016 Alan S. Garrett. All Rights Reserved

Image Copyright  ©  2016 Alan S. Garrett.
All Rights Reserved

Another couple of years worth of work comes to fruition. My most recent novella The Journey of Samson Pyne is now available via

There is much to be said about my journey across the western half of the United States that inspired this novella. In the coming weeks I’ll share a bit more via blog posts containing images from the trip and describing thoughts I had at the time, as well as lessons learned while writing the book.

Sometimes life can seem to have no direction. Sometimes the world can seem rather lost and our reason for continuing on rather hopeless. Sometimes something or someone comes along and changes these perceptions for the better. However, sometimes you simply have to dig deep and find an inner strength to break through the negative barriers and to make something positive happen yourself. Sometimes there simply is no one else that can change you — but you.

This novella is as much a tribute to the explorers of the world as those who continue to break through negative barriers making the world a better place to live for every last one of us.

As you read this book, I hope you also have time to follow along with forthcoming associated blog posts. A person can live many lives by reading books. Everything you could ever want to know is in a book somewhere. But if you want memories that are your own, you're going to have to get out and explore.

Thank you for reading,

Alan S. Garrett