Peace Be With You, Too

Image Copyright  ©  2016 Alan S. Garrett. All Rights Reserved

Image Copyright  ©  2016 Alan S. Garrett.
All Rights Reserved

There is a world beyond these lands where the iris now bloom, the bees buzz, and the birds sing from sunup to sundown; a world where the stars are difficult to see and maintenance and construction take place 24/7. It is sometimes difficult to imagine that for years I worked, lived, and participated in that world on a daily basis until my brain simply said, "No more."

Truth be known, there are moments when I miss being in the thick of it. There is something to being a part of building a world much larger than oneself as opposed to being out here trying to dream up worlds for the better through what remains. There is work to be done here, too, but currently time is not as regulated by the clock as much as by the weather.

There were truths within my first novel, Misunderstood, about both horrors and revelations experienced while living a life in solitude after leaving a socially connected environment. Perhaps even greater are those truths and nightmares that can become real and imagined across a decade of change between the world that moves quickly, and the one that can often be left behind. In my novella, The Journey of Samson Pyne, the protagonist thinks he has nothing left to offer, that he has been left behind, until a spark within drives him to journey across the western half of the United States. What begins as a journey of someone running from death becomes a story about going to a life that becomes the stuff of legend. 

As with Misunderstood, there are truths within The Journey of Samson Pyne, revelations that exist beyond whatever space one chooses to call home. For some, home is some form of shelter on a plot of land, for others an apartment, and for others still, home may simply be a park bench. We are all linked by the worlds we create and experience, whether apart or together.

If there is anything I learned from writing The Journey of Samson Pyne, it is that what we carry with us is as important as what we choose to leave behind.


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