One Fleeting Moment


I've heard that in times-of-plenty there are fewer problems between the creatures of the world. Last week a couple of critters seemed to be getting along just fine beneath the bird feeders whereas during the drought, a few years back, they might have displayed a rather unhealthy competition between each other. Systems in balance can make for splendid observations. Of course, it could be that these two critters just happened to get along on this particular day and the health of their current environment has nothing to do with it.

The world can be as enlightening as it is frustrating. Green grass and plenty of rain in one place means drought and dry grass in others. In my years here, this is the first time I've ever seen a raccoon get along with any other critter other than itself (and that includes other raccoons), at least as far as food is concerned. I've watched families arrive at the feeders and still fight over who gets what. But this year is kind of different. There has been a steady balance to the rainfall this Spring. Trees have put on an extra set of leaves and, I imagine, a thicker growth ring beneath the bark. Much larger trends say this won't last, but while it does, it hints at the potential of what life is capable of, even if only for one fleeting moment.