Stumbling Towards Reality

I am enjoying a walk on a graveled road in the countryside this morning. The air smells hot, even though the temperature says it is a mere 73 degrees. Something about the air bothers me, but still I continue on.

I’ve taken to listening to podcasts as I walk. This morning the player cycles through various podcasts including interviews about Brexit, learning to think about the things each of us should be grateful for each day, and analyzing the different writing styles used by the various authors within the Bible from a writer’s analytical point of view (something I plan to research in regards to other religious texts, as well). Even though there are a great many worlds of podcast recordings to get lost within, my thoughts keep turning back to that hot smell in the air. It influences my thinking towards wondering about the chemistry of the atmosphere, how it wasn’t always suitable for human beings, and just what type of changes may be taking place due to world-wide environmental trends outside of our control, enhanced by what may be a contributing out-of-control overpopulated existence on our part as human beings. But it isn’t long before I forget about the air and change the topic in my brain, by thinking: we spend too much effort attempting to solve problems with ignorant labels as opposed to educated reasoning.

Frequently, I try to remind myself that being educated isn’t just a matter of memorizing what is currently understood, it is learning how to learn, how to think for oneself. The second part of that last sentence tends to be lost in education, as many teachers are somewhat forced to teach towards required tests, and over the years students end up being labeled and judged by what they can or cannot memorize. I sometimes wonder if the root of many problems begin with too much memorization, too much repeating and not enough creating.

Popularly these days, rather than concentrating on a world of wonder full of knowledge and exploration with a future that is meant to be experienced in new and exciting ways (also known as “hope”), it appears too much emphasis gets placed on doubt and what “is”. I tell you balance is….

Suddenly I realize I’ve lost my footing as a bit of gravel slips from beneath my left foot during my walk. I stumble and breathe in. I become aware again of the hot smelling air. It seems for a little bit I distracted myself with myself. Are we human beings so busy socially distracting ourselves with ourselves that we have forgotten about what really sustains us?