A Moment In Time


A lot of rain has fallen this Spring. Mornings have remained cool. Weather data shows that in 2006 it was well over 100 degrees here on this day. I am consistently amazed by nature.

It feels good to have completed another book and to have embarked upon another voyage toward the next novel. I've temporarily named the next book The Progeny of Laniakea, after the supercluster. I'll stick with this working title perhaps until the manuscript is complete.

The sounds of summer are all around now that the daily rains have ceased. Insects move about throughout the tall grass, the song birds have moved back in, the gnats and mosquitoes are still a bit of a bother. Buzzing flies dart this way and that.

Out in the fields and above the ponds the swallows have returned to their routine of catching many of those flying insects before returning their catch to the young in their nests. Young calves buddy up, play, and sometimes scare themselves into brief, sudden spurts of stampede-like running before returning to their mothers for milk.

I've never been one to use the word blessed, nor really ever thought of myself as religious, but there is a harmony here sometimes, when the rains have fallen, when the ponds are full, when there is plenty of vegetation to satisfy the complexities of life's order.