On All Sides


I’ve been taught that the stars in the night sky only appear infinite, that our sun is such a star within a universe more vast than my brain is capable of understanding. Yet, from a micro-minuscule tiny dot of a planet I get to see a near-endless stream of astronomical images across my television screen that continue to surprise me in a dance of chaotic, celestial beauty born from constant change. Some say we were all born from star dust. So it is that every person experiences some level of turmoil in their lives. But once we have learned how to become aware of this, it is how we choose to react to our own chaos within, that matters most.

Often, in life on this earthly planet, perceptions can appear to be misguided by the assumption that the way one sees his or her own world is the way everyone else does or should see it. To some, the stars are in the heavens; to others, they are simply in space. There are moments when we believe truth is a picture, but a snapshot will never match the deeper truth of the unseen movie taking place before and after the image is taken.

Just as love is love, a human being is a human being on all sides, on all fronts, in all existences. During times of tumultuous change, too often one seeks to define the other with reactionary labels, when what is needed is understanding on all sides. One will never be able to change the perceptions of others if one is not willing to change the perceptions within oneself.