Searching For Stability


The biting insects have started to retreat now that the temperatures are so hot during the day here. During this late evening hour I am thinking about the day’s wars both won and lost between and within the flora and fauna as night settles in. Tomorrow their worries and fears will begin again as the sun reappears and the heat rises. Just for this moment, on this evening, in these hours of twilight, the immediate world around me seems stable and quiet.

I've struggled with the chaos in the news over the last few months. Negative thoughts tend to breed negative things. Through the open society, we, as a whole, are both giving and being given access to more information than ever. I wonder sometimes at what point will unlimited access to so many forms of information to so many people with so many different ideas have an unhealthy effect? Is it enough to know that there is a minute by minute struggle to survive on this planet within our species and outside our species or do we need to be constantly shown images of it?

The locusts now sing, if that is the right word to describe their sound. The creatures of the night are starting to take over the world from those who rule the day. A breeze that was momentarily stilled by the hour of the setting sun starts to blow. A dove coos. How fitting that I mostly hear the doves at twilight and daybreak, that moment between darkness and light. A cardinal is jumping from limb to limb chirping. It is rather loud, as if a warning to me. Perhaps, I, too, should be inside readying for bed. 

I guess we are all simply searching for stability in this world of competition. Searching for a piece of ground from which to simply exist without trespass or rather as little trespass against others as possible. We strive for stability in a world built on constant change, I sometimes fear we’ll be searching forever.