Where The Words Will Take Me


I am influenced by language, from the words I speak to the letters I am able to read. Like little viral trends, a well-written news headline, or a mere suggestive, well-expressed thought can tangentially change the intent of my thinking, sometimes for hours on end. Just as yesterday’s heat and humidity left me thinking one way, this morning’s cold front has left me thinking another. Perhaps language is like the weather of the mind, just as predictable when stable, just as chaotic when moving across diverse terrain.

On this morning, the real-world-weather has me thinking that I cannot remember the last time the grass stayed mostly green throughout the summer here. I don’t recall having ever seen so many happy animals, including a family of skunks that were playing in the backyard like the squirrels and rabbits do during the last week. Times of plenty really tend to bring out the best in everyone.

On another note, I’m just about ready to dive deeply into studying the novel Misunderstood and the novella The Journey of Samson Pyne in preparation for working further on the tentatively titled sequel, The Progeny of Laniakea. As some have noticed, I have yet to write a summary of what the sequel will be about for my website. I’ve tried planning books, and they never plot the way I think they are going to. So for now, the website summary/description will be left blank.

Today is simply one of those lazy weekend days when one wants to open the windows, find a good book, and simply read, as subtle breezes gently move the curtains back and forth. The rain has stopped; the voices of the birds are attempting to overtake the sounds of the insects; it is a perfect day. I wonder where the words will take me.