There was a movie I watched quite some time ago that stands out in my mind today. If I remember correctly, there was something about the construction of a lake and residents being relocated (I hope I've got that right). There were odd characters, strange settings, appearances that made no sense and yet total sense at the same time. I kept watching because, well, it was interesting.

I can't tell you in this moment about the whole movie because frankly, I don't remember all the details as I write this or even the movie's title, but I am currently thinking about this one scene where one of the characters does something that has unintended consequences and the rest follow suit but with conscious intent, as if there was something to be learned from what the first character did. It was strange and yet enlightening, like watching lemmings in some video game from the past follow one another over a cliff, but this time with conscious intent. My memory of this scene from the movie was frightening and humorous and educational all at the same time.

In search of understanding more about the dangers of ignorance, I visited a passage from Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (that part about the ignorant antagonist being the one to fear). It became clear how dangerous a weapon ignorance is, especially when utilized by those seeking power with knowledgeable intent. Whether you are a follower, or live like William Earnest Henley described in his poem, "Invictus" (choosing one's own destiny), it is vital to maintain an awareness that there will always be a certain measure of ignorance in life, something someone knows that you do not, an ever-present existence that is as much an inspiration to learn from as a death sentence to stability.

Einstein once commented on probabilities masking determinism, about randomness being a veil for intent that ignorance fails to see (I hope I've got that interpretation right, too).

Never let those seeking power exploit your ignorance or that of others for personal gain. The world is changing quickly. It would appear another flood has arrived.