Most Interesting Times

While on a drive last evening, I noticed something different. There was a trail of pollution to the east. I can remember the first time I saw a sight like this hovering around Fort Worth, Texas. I was extremely young and the view was almost sickening. It wasn't long thereafter that laundry, hung out to dry in the fresh air, began to smell a little different. Progress really is an art of surviving change while minimizing risk to ourselves and our environment. Balance and instability are intertwined after all.

Life has a natural order. Seeds grow to produce seeds while being modified by resources absorbed during growth and there is a guiding principle to it all, a spiraling expansion that builds while never completely collapsing the whole. Like a clock, sometimes the spring is wound, just so it can slowly unwind again. I don't know of any aspect of life that isn't subject to this influence.

As the constellation Orion moves across the sky and the coyotes move in numbers across their hunting grounds, it is important to remember that all exists for a reason, until it ceases to exist. Life truly is interesting, and these are most interesting times.