May Progress Continue

The new year has arrived with warm days and storms that left many south of here without power for the better part of a day. Variable temperatures have been the norm for quite some time across the Red River valley, but it seems like more warmer days than usual have been occurring since at least the new millennium. For myself, this translates to a few more sneezes than usual.

With the holidays came the welcome return of a lot less human noise. I had not recognized just how noisy rural life had become. Between the increase in air traffic (primarily small aircraft), drilling rigs, and vehicular traffic, the countryside isn't what it used to be, or perhaps it is more like it once was, before the last collapse.

I've mentioned the black and white photographs that decorate the walls of the local courthouse before, images that tell the story of booming times. Old road beds and right of ways have long since fallen to fences and returned to the environment. Some small towns have been experiencing a revitalization over the last decade, spurring both hope and resentment. Sometimes people get used to a certain lifestyle and change can be difficult.

As for myself, change is mostly welcome. Although, there are moments, like during the holidays when human noise drops to a minimum, when I realize just how much I've missed hearing the sounds of less human activity.

Today planet Earth, tomorrow colonies on the Moon and Mars. By the way, if you haven't already, watch the National Geographic series entitled Mars; it is well worth your time.

Happy New Year, World. May progress continue.


(Wouldn't you know it. After writing this post, snow is now in the forecast for Friday. Weather in Texas, gotta love it.)