To Hope & To Clearing Skies


A new year draws near and I end 2017 in the final days of what has been a flu-ridden week with a fever that surpassed 102 degrees having finally broken. The picture above of an environment on the verge of a deep freeze kind of says it all in regards to the way 2017 is drawing to a close. From comfort to chaos, despite the journey into the center of the path of the total solar eclipse, I am glad to see this year go.

Along the way I have been reminded repeatedly of how insignificant the worries that plague the mind are on scales beyond its individual existence. In what began as an attempted reread of Moby Dick and the power of being subjected to forces larger than ourselves, to a reminder of the image taken at the request of Carl Sagan entitled “Pale Blue Dot”; our life here sits somewhere between what we think and what we know, and our attempts to make some kind of sense of any of it. I’ve learned to be thankful, even with eyes that are often blinded by an external form of ignorance all the education in the world seems to be unable to do anything about.

May 2018 be good to you. Here’s to hope and to clearing skies.