Toward A Brighter Future

“One Cold Morning” by Alan S. Garrett

“One Cold Morning” by Alan S. Garrett

December 8th, 2017, 5:29 am

There is a coolness to the inside air this early morning. The constellation Orion moves closer to the western horizon and the local outdoor temperature has reached 14 degrees according to the weather station. Even cricket forewings are too cold to chirp. This is one morning where the sunrise can’t come fast enough.

It’s not been quite a year since the rosemary died, plants raised with care that were nurtured until established, only to succumb to what seemed like one of the coldest weeks we had here in quite some time. This morning reminds me of that week. Perhaps there are some aspects of the past best left in the past, if for no other reason than to create a better future.

There are some aspects of the past, however, that are worth revisiting. This morning I am revisiting an earlier post entitled, “The Blank Page”. (

Several years ago, while taking a course on world building, attendees were challenged to think about what kind of government they would have in their world, while designing the rules within which a story was to be written. What kind of laws and rules governed such a universe? I found myself reflecting on a conversation I had a great many years ago with an older gentleman about how countries were governed by people trying to interpret the ideas that went into their founding. People have been interpreting ideas about governance for a long time, improving upon what enhances a way of life while attempting to remove what destroys. The battles that take place to establish what those initial founders meant since their passing are vast in scope and are debated day and night across the planet, and perhaps even at times while circling it.

In reflecting on the post mentioned earlier, I would like to put a challenge out there to the reader. If you had a blank page on which to write a new world, with laws and rules that brought some sense of order to your universe, what would you write upon it? What would such a world look like? How would citizens live, and what trials and tribulations would people face living inside this world you’ve created? Would you build something similar to the governance by which you currently live within? Or would you expand upon it, change some parts and leave others, or start from scratch? Would you be willing to study societies around the globe, perhaps learn by living abroad for a number of years, maybe combine the best aspects of many societies to form something new? How would you implement it without destroying the lives of those who did not want to be a part of it? Could you? Should you?

One of the greatest tragedies of life is unrecognized and unrealized potential, or worse oppressed potential by those who profit by encouraging ignorance. What wonders the world could see, even beyond those known, if potential could be realized by all.

As the cold air outside begins to brighten with a hint of light on the eastern horizon, I sense a good day is beginning. I think I’ll finish bringing some sense of order to the notes for my next story that were printed and stacked over a week ago, then open another blank page. When it’s filled I’ll start another.

Perhaps potential is never really fully realized, maybe that is the way it should be. Ultimate conclusions, after all, are worldview enders. Never let failures define the successes of your life; be humbled by them rather than angered. Everyday is a chance to improve or to start over if need be.

Daybreak has arrived, it appears that the blank page that defines the boundary between night and day already has a few paragraphs written by the Sun, even though the Sun itself isn’t visible yet. Clearly the Sun’s reputation precedes itself.

December 8th, 2017, 6:58 am.