There is a glow upon the eastern horizon. Another night is coming to a close. Soon the color of the sky will change and the stars, though still there, will no longer be visible. Most of those who live for the night will fall to sleep as those who live for the day will rise once again. It is a wonder how quickly the change occurs.

I am haunted sometimes by change, despite my unwillingness in the past to admit this publicly. Change comes through destruction; change happens in death, but it also happens when we choose to become change itself.

For those of us born in the United States, change and the resistance thereof may just be the underlying source for which we were brought into existence. But as a people, from so many different backgrounds, with the capability of continuing to rise above where we began through our interactions with each other, we are not always immune from falling backwards from time to time. Though we are capable of change, and our system of government provides a platform for such change, it has never promised change would be easy.

People, far greater than I, have done far more than I will, or ever have, to ensure such an environment for change continues to thrive: on the battlefield and in the courts, on the streets and in the classroom, even at the family dinner table. Underlying it all is the idea that change must not come through force, but by choice, once a level of education is attained that allows one to think freely. Free will is as much a part of religion as it is a part of our form of government. Without choice, we become something else entirely.

As the sun begins its journey across the sky on this peaceful morning where I live, somewhere there are waves crashing along a rocky shoreline. With each collision between wave and seemingly unchanged rock, erosion takes place. Elements mix, and what appears solid, wears a little more. Every sunrise, every sunset, brings about immeasurable change, even when it can't be seen. All the more reason to appreciate what it means to be human, and to never become completely immune to change, as long as that change is for the better.