Yesterday the hawks ruled the skies and treetops, today it's the crows. As the daylight hours become consistently warmer, it won't be long until the red-winged black birds move in and begin letting fishermen know the crappie are biting.

Ladybugs have already hatched and are becoming a regular mess to sweep up after the cool nights. Hopefully, like the winter moths, as the sun warms them up they will start moving again and fly on their way.

I've started studying the art of how to properly read literary classics (according to a classical education). A great many years have passed since I studied a few of the classics in college. If I am going to improve as an author, and write the sequel I want to write, I'm going to have to make improvements in certain areas.

For those interested, I'll be working through Susan Wise Bauer’s The Well Educated Mind as a lead off into learning how to read and analyze a number of classic literary works. Beyond regular blog posts, my intent will be to apply such analysis to my first book, Misunderstood, chapter by chapter, on a weekly basis if for no other reason than to learn from my mistakes.

I am quickly realizing how little time we have on this Earth to create a blueprint for the change we want to see in the world. Nothing has changed in me other than the recognition that the time to make a difference has always been right now.