Paralleling Dawn

I was looking into my reflection in a glass window this early morning. Beyond the reflection, I couldn't help but widen my focus and notice the colors of the trees and the sky outside the window. Behind striking, jagged, leafless tree limbs whose bark is creeping out of a shadowed existence, shades of pink and dark blue paint the western sky. How many more of these scenes will I witness before having to move again? How many words can I write, how little or how much peace will remain in the world that I've come to know before, as it is with nature, this time comes to an end and a new day arrives.

The first years of my life were born into a peaceful perception such as this. I was born to a family who lived in a little rent house on a much larger ranch just on the fringes of Fort Worth, Texas. Pastures that were home to various creatures are now covered with paved parking lots, roads and subdivisions. We left that heaven long before the city grid replaced it. It seems this has been the way of our family for generations, seeking peace in rural areas and finding it, but knowing such existences never last forever. Eventually some aspect of life wants what you have, whether it is us inhabiting the space once held by other flora and fauna, or other humans inhabiting what we once held.

Carving out a balanced existence in the country side doesn't leave one immune to the elements of nature; if anything it can make one more subjected to it. But there are some aspects of the nature of an advancing civilization that no one can do anything about.

Today I still cannot see but a couple of houses from the front porch of the main house here. But the security lights on other properties have grown in number, just as the light pollution from the Metroplex, as well as the air pollution, have advanced into the skies near our home. Every now and then the rains and fronts clean the sky in such a way as to let the stars shine through the darkness with a clarity of the lenses on a freshly cleaned pair of new glasses. Even though the light pollution masks most of the Milky Way, I know there are still places where the Milky Way is just as beautiful as it once appeared to me, perhaps even more so.

Even in darkness, there are points of light that aid in our ability to navigate across the seas. Though not as reliably visible during storms, eventually breaks in the clouds provide avenues for course correction. Life never promises success, but at the very least it gives us the gift of diversification and adaptability. As members of life, it is through diversity and adaptation that we overcome.

While time may go on, times eventually end. With end, arrives beginning. This window I look through on this morning holds far more than I could have imagined: an interior reflection of me in a narrow focus and in a much wider field of view, the dawn that rises beyond the interior reflection. When looking through a glass window, it is always best to look beyond the reflection and towards the light of a new day.