It is rare to experience a night such as this, but it happens from time to time. A breeze, a star-filled sky, the humidity not too low, not too high. A night when the moon isn't shining, a time of year before the insects take over. A sense, that for the moment, the world is doing just fine, and so am I. Moments like this are to be treasured.

There is hesitation to pick up the smartphone and tap this out. Occasionally, I pick it up to see what flights are flying overhead. Earlier they were between DFW and Denver. Way up in the sky people are traveling at this hour, living the dream, and in this moment, I am way down here, at least attempting to live mine.

Though location isn't always as important to writing, I will never deny the overwhelming impression a moment like this leaves on the soul. There is a peace, a sense of balance, a stability I long to reach but often fail to attain. Sometimes the stars align for us all, even if only for brief moments such as this.

I think I'll turn off this screen now, put down this pocket computer, and just enjoy the little time I have before the desire to sleep sets in. If only all dreams could leave one feeling like this. Then again, there might never be a reason to wake!