Rural Traffic

"Jelly" by Alan S. Garrett, March 21st, 2017

"Jelly" by Alan S. Garrett, March 21st, 2017

Chains creak as I sit on a wooden outdoor rocker built for two. Having lost almost thirty pounds since last August, the rocker reminds me I still have further to go. New shoes are certainly helping me exercise, though I must admit they do not make me as fast as new shoes did some forty years ago.

Being able to enjoy the outdoors will become a rarity for a while as the gnats hatched a day or so ago. Fortunately, the swallows have also returned, so I'm not noticing the gnats at the moment where I am sitting. A cool breeze may have more to do with their temporary absence than the swallows — just as I get bit on the shin and a gnat swarms my left eyebrow.


Progress on the reread and Review of Misunderstood is coming along. Another comment will be posted on the Commentary and Review blog Friday. It is odd returning to a world I have moved so far away from. Not the characters, mind you, but for sure the frame of mind I was in while writing the original manuscript all those years ago. I had to laugh at my idea of an outdoor folding chair referenced in the second chapter; as what it meant almost thirty years ago is a far cry from what fits in a canvass tube slung over the shoulder these days.


The air feels primed for storms here, though they are not scheduled to arrive for at least another 24 hours, give or take a little. Wasps have been swarming for well over a week in higher numbers. All the insects and animals seem to have increased in number dramatically this year. Even the roadrunners have me tapping on the brake pedal a little more often while driving.

On a final note, while driving home this afternoon I got caught in traffic. Understand that traffic here usually is of the stopped bovine variety on the driveway before a cattle guard. Well, today traffic was of the slow-down variety; specifically caused not by a “Sunday” driver, but by a lone turkey hen, out for a stroll across a small backroad bridge. I must have sat there for ten minutes waiting for her to meander her way to the other side. But cross she eventually did. Thank goodness there wasn't an accident!