In Search of Tree Hollow


I've struggled with trying to find the setting for my book tentatively titled, Tree Hollow, for a couple of years now. As the search continues, I found this neat site along a creek in Fort Richardson State Park, near Jacksboro, Texas, last weekend.

Another more accessible site is located here on the ranch. It isn't near a water source but it could be in the story. I came across this fallen tree back in late January of 2015. The old dead tree was the source for the title of the story in a blog posted on January 30th, 2015, entitled Tree Hollow.



This story is about a possum who has a difficult time making decisions due to fear; fear immobilizes him. Normally this survival response is a good thing, as the innate ability to play dead has kept Omar Possum safe all these years. But a time has come to move, and in the biggest decision of his life, Omar is afraid to leave Tree Hollow.

Leaving a comfort zone is difficult for anyone, especially for a possum. Will Omar Possum be able to overcome his natural response to fear and find a new home?