Change And Complacency

Severe allergies coupled to antihistamines left me indoors most of the day today. A good thing because I was finally able to finish a couple of books I've been reading. Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L’Amour, and Emotional Agility by Dr. Susan David. While I found Emotional Agility interesting, I found the Education of a Wandering Man downright mind-expanding. Well worth a read.

While rain covers the better part of South Texas today, overcast skies, cooler temps, and winds sum up the outdoor environment here. Even though the greens are mixing with the browns across the yard and fields, there is still a hint of winter trying to hang on in the sound of the wind blowing across the chimney and through the leafless tree limbs.

Though this has not been a really rough winter weather-wise, I can honestly say I will be glad to see this winter go. (Though I usually end up paying for statements like that when the 100-degree-plus temps set in during the summer.) Everything I thought I understood about the world as the weather turned colder last year seems to be in question in my mind as the weather turns warmer this year.

It just goes to show change is never easy and complacency gets you nowhere.