Early To Rise

These days, writing several thousand words or so over the course of a day no longer seems like an impossible goal. I have yet to master the quality of the words written, or to dedicate all of that writing to material I want to someday publish, but I'm getting there. It is true what is said: the more one practices a profession, the better one becomes at it. With the quantity of available podcasts, self-published and traditionally-published books, and blog posts full of informational how-to’s providing opportunities to learn more about writing, there is more than ample inspiration to be had. By improving oneself, you are improving others.

I've been toying around with scenes for the sequel to Misunderstood lately and am starting to see some hints of a book developing. Though I've had an idea of how I wanted the whole story to go for quite some time, the writing process has a way of charting its own course. The ending, at least the last line for the sequel has been in my head since I discovered the first line that opens the already-published first novel many years ago. I've already revealed this ending to my editor but for obvious reasons will not reveal it here, unless of course I have some verifiable knowledge in advance that the end of the planet is near and it looks like the sequel will never see the light of day. Should such a moment arrive with any kind of warning, I'll be sure to post the ending for those interested in knowing just how it all turns out. Of course, if such an impending planet-ending doomsday-like catastrophic event were to reveal itself as occurring in the near future, I would hope you would be more interested in making peace within your own life than being concerned about how it all ends in the world of some fictional character. (Even if the flattery in asking about how the story ends would bring some sense of accomplishment to this author before his own impending death — should such an actuality reveal itself.)  Ugh, I think I awoke way too early this morning!

In regards to Misunderstood, the first reread and subsequent review of the work by both author and editor will begin posting a week from this Friday. An independent blog will be setup specifically for this purpose and links will be provided from the homepage (https://www.alansgarrett.com), the book landing page (https://www.misunderstoodthenovel.com), and from within regular blog posts while the review is taking place. Expect author and editor commentary as well as a formal analysis by them based on rules from The Well Educated Mind, A Guide To The Classical Education You Never Had, by Susan Wise Bauer. Review and commentaries will be posted weekly on Friday mornings beginning on March 17th, 2017.

As a reminder, there is a special promotion running on Amazon this weekend for The Journey of Samson Pyne starting Friday. Download a copy if you haven't already.

The sun will be up soon and I have surpassed the 500-word limit I usually set on these blog posts. I'll be back in a day or so with another post. Enjoy the day!