Winging It

A bird flies across the pasture, its wings propelling it to some destination that undoubtedly makes the flora jealous. Sometimes, it makes me jealous, too.

It's not that I want to be a bird, for I can fly, walk, run, crawl and swim. Although taking flight takes a little more effort, skill, and technology that the bird has built in. No, I'd take this form over the bird’s, at least on most days. But I do enjoy watching them, almost as much as listening to them in the spring.

For those that have asked, the next Commentary and Review post is coming. It’s just delayed a bit due to the Easter holiday. There is/was also a little matter of writer’s block this last week. Sometimes the words flow; sometimes they don't. I've found it useless to try to force inspiration when it simply isn't there. However, the experience does seem to free up time to complete other tasks.

It seems I'm disturbing the swallows who are trying to build new nests, so I'll end this post and move on to other projects. If it's spring where you are, I hope the rains fall and you get a chance to enjoy the sounds and colors of spring. If not, perhaps you'll get a chance to take in a sunset or sunrise.

Ready access to any question you could want to know is a wonderful invention, but don't forget to take in the world outside of the flatscreen now and again. In the end, information may explain the very reason for existence, but don't let it lessen the experience of being human, unless you've already installed the modifications, of course.