Too Short?

As pollen continues to increase, the bees and butterflies are quickly increasing in number. Sadly, so too are my allergies on various days. What was once confined to a certain time of the year has now apparently expanded.

The sun settles into the horizon’s bed and swallows fly like intentional fighter planes, darting in and out between the porch columns.

I've missed my deadline for two weeks in a row regarding the Commentary & Review blog. Sometimes life gets in the way of work, but sometimes it's just pure procrastination. I'm afraid I'm guilty of delays caused by both this week and find myself thinking that I'm okay with that.

I've stressed in the past about a few missed deadlines. As I've grown old enough to have witnessed grandparents die, and several of their children (and a few of their grandchildren), I'm learning to appreciate life more, and stress less about some obligations. Life is simply too short to not spend time with others.

And so as the rabbits arrive in the yard, and the gnats thrive around my temples in the reflected light from this screen, I think this day (and this post) is done. I hope to have the Commentary & Review post ready before noon tomorrow, so check back then. Otherwise, have a great weekend.