Symbiotic Slouching


Drops containing water and who knows what else run down the outside of the windowpane as I sit in a chair that makes slouching all too easy.

I sit up straight and press play on a song with the title, “Sun Rings: One Earth, One People, One Love,” by Kronos Quartet. The music plays beneath the sound of the rain across the tin roof, even as news of a world divided continues to flood the RSS feeds.

Skies that make the indoor lights seem brighter than daylight are in flux this Friday morning as the thunder comes and goes. Weather alerts arrive and leave like the crescendos and diminuendos of the sounds of the various instruments I am listening to. As I slip a little lower in the chair, I think to myself, “Somewhere within symbiosis exists the fundamental law of this universe; who knows about the others.”

I look outside the window to see a rabbit darting across the lawn, as another drifts slowly across the sky. How I miss the days of childhood, when imagination was more important than “reality”. Nothing has done more to kill the imagination than reality.

It appears this chair has me slouching again.