An Order To Appearance


One of the coldest days that I can remember here arrived last Wednesday. The weather station measured 1.2 degrees at its lowest. The surface of the ponds froze over and there was little reason to go outside. Today the winds have risen and are currently expected to be this way daily through Monday night. Meteorologists are once again speaking about drought conditions on drier earth than existed prior to the last drought. Weather here has always been a display of extremes at times, influencing the growth of yucca and cactus on one end, grass, forests and gullies on the other. In between the many distractions that come into play these days, work continues on the sequel to Misunderstood.

Outside, along with the cold temperatures, a number of new calves were born. They are the feistiest bunch I’ve seen in a while. I’ve found it fascinating over the years to watch the generations explore their new world, sniffing post to post, trying to figure out what the cattle guard is. When Old Frosty was around they had a tendency to touch noses with him from time to time as an introduction. These calves become inquisitively curious about something, then seem to run off kicking at nothing but the fear of their own curiosity.

The bird feeders empty at an astounding rate these days. Rabbits sit beneath them in the evening, waiting for the last few birds to drop extra seeds for them. During the day the squirrels can dominate the feeders, but always drop plenty for the birds. At night the possums arrive to sort through what’s left. Like named constellations moving across the sky have an order of appearance to some peoples, there’s a natural order to the food chain in what comes first, and what follows, at least when there is plenty to eat. Where scarcity exists, greed tends to be popularly attacked rather than ignored.