Have A Good One

“Eurus”, by Alan S. Garrett

“Eurus”, by Alan S. Garrett

Outside the winds are calm as I write this post. The sun is on the rise and the trees are clinging to the last of the reflected colors of dawn. Small birds sit among the bare limbs of the tree tops, enjoying the sunshine, perhaps singing about a longing for spring and an end to winter.

Local shops have already stocked up on mulch, and compost, top soil, and various other gardening supplies. Outside, the racks are setup and ready for the first plants to arrive. Soon onions will be planted and a few other vegetables.

The current forecast reveals the winds will increase and humidity levels are going to plummet for several hours into the twenties and teen percentiles this afternoon.

The image above (taken in the late afternoon, January 24th, 2018) is from a wildfire reportedly set by arson across the river in Oklahoma. Though fires this time of year aren’t abnormal due to land management practices in this area, the number across the southern United States stretching from California to Florida does in appearance seem abnormally high. Whether that perception is simply a product of enhanced awareness via new technology, I cannot say.

Regardless of what the day brings, the morning appears well primed for a good walk to be had. A windy afternoon is perhaps best reserved for time indoors. Whatever your day holds, I hope you have a good one.