This Is The Day

(Written March 27th, 2018)

This is the day, the day when life-giving, lightning and thunder-defining, soaking, drenching, rejuvenating rain returns. Like drinking from some atmospheric fountain of youth, immortalizing water quenched the thirst of these North Texas lands.

Across the lawn, across the fields, high up into the trees, the color green arrives with a vengeance, replacing winter’s faded tan and brown by the hour as the drops of water continue to fall. Roots are thriving beneath the surface of the ground as I write; water is now flowing fully via the xylem to the newly forming leaves above. In less than 24 hours, life among the flora is on display once again.

Swallows make a brief sweeping appearance, dodging the columns of the front porch as insect-sized lifeforms resembling the tiniest of hummingbirds hover just outside the windows. Soon insects of many kinds will move in their ordered and chaotic ways, either with the fluidity of a centipede, or the sharp, quick, short running program-like behavior witnessed in some of tiniest of spiders.

Weather apps display shades of maroon, red, orange, yellow, and an overwhelming amount of green. Green, just like the ground is covered in now, or soon will be. There are so many colors on display from the radar app, that one might think wildflowers had something to do with the programming. If only the display had such influence on the color of the environment during winter, brown and tan could add to their registry varying shades of blue and white and gray.

But this isn’t about other days of the year, this is about today; the day green returns. On this day rain has yet to bring with it a supercell that is defined by a mesocyclone that can spawn deadly tornadoes. Large hail may yet fall, but destructive winds that can wipe away homes and carve 100-yard wide paths through the forested hills and pastures have yet to form — here anyway.

Gray skies on this day do not inspire depression. Instead, the varying shades of gray in the skies above means the kind of rain that brings about a happiness to both flora and fauna alike. Even the dull colors left by winter deepen with colors resembling a photographer’s well worshipped magic hour: that time normally reserved only for sunset and sunrise now extended throughout the gray-sky-filled, rain-soaked day.

This is the day.

This is the day.

This is the day.