Replenishing Diversity


Spring is going full tilt now as the swallows fly through the air, the hummingbirds empty the feeders, and the the doves and squirrels sometimes fight over the remains of seed on the ground. Nightly spats between the raccoons can be a bit hair-raising, but after a while one begins to get used to it.

With the threat of a late frost or freeze over, and a few storms having passed through the area, the mowing season has begun. Tree leaves flourish and a few junipers have been well worked over by the animals seeking relief from the expanding population of pests.

A glance at a few websites tells me it may be a good idea to leave a few more of the junipers than have been allowed to grow on the place in the past for the sake of the various critters who know exactly how to utilize them. Sometimes in the human haste to remove what makes us uncomfortable, we fail to see the importance of, and reason for, diversity.