Misunderstood, Cover & Chapter One

The cover of Misunderstood contains a shadowed character set against the light of a rising sun. Who is it and what is this shadow staring at?

There is a contrast here that was with intent, but I am not sure, prior to publication, I recognized the depth nor heights the image would come to represent. Natural elements are already at play before the first page is read. The image of dark and light as portrayed by the cover is transferred to the title of the first chapter.

In the first chapter alone, a character can be seen caught between these forces. He is struggling to understand what is happening. Is this person the same as the one on the cover? Of course I already know the answer; I wrote the story. By the end of chapter one, the setting is that of a world that has destabilized, and a character who is trying to make sense of it.

Perhaps this is the reason the shadowed image on the cover is staring into a sunrise, gazing into that point between the dark and the light, longing for the moment in time when the darkness of night and the light of day collide; hoping if only briefly to see the moment of the two existing as one.

As to who it is, the answer remains to be seen. 

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